Telecom Tower Site Operations & Management

Ashoka’s Unique Telecom Tower Monitoring System

Ashoka’s Remote Telecom Monitoring System is designed to work with all the devices on the network — anytime and from anywhere. As the telecommunication sector consolidates and prices for services mature operators have to find new ways to remain profitable. Using a Telecom Site Monitoring Solution is an easy way to ensure that housekeeping issues such as:

  1. Pilferage,
  2. Loss of fuel,
  3. Operating efficiency of equipment,
  4. Loss of revenue due to downtime,

are prevented or avoided. This is easier said than done, because of a large number of dependencies. However, ensuring these things are in check, adds to the bottom line and reduces operating expenses.

At Ashoka we have done the system design in such a way that the workflows among the teams are inter checked ,interlocked on a perfect check & balance mechanism. a smallest operating error transforms to a biggest blunders , learning from the others mistakes & near misses, we have a concrete structure of processes & compliances resulting a superfine, zerobreakdown super smooth network.

Root cause analysis, Timely escalations , methods simplifies the top management to take decisions regarding

How we add up Value to your network

Our Dedicated Teams are